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Hello, my name is Kieran. I provide product development, business strategy, and direct distribution insight for filmmakers and companies such as: Tugg, Film London, Assemble, and Distrify. I also write on tech + film for Filmmaker Magazine.

I began my career as a full-stack web developer working for Internet Service Providers and large media companies like BSkyB, the BBC and Future Media.

My academic background is in Film Studies and in 2009 I combined my love of film and my web technology experience and co-founded OpenIndie. We crowdfunded, built and launched OpenIndie, the first theatrical on-demand web platform, in just four months.

Since selling my share in OpenIndie in early 2013 my career has been focused on working with companies that help filmmakers sell their work direct and build sustainable careers.

If you are a filmmaker or film-focused company and would like to talk about how I can help you, please do not hesitate to drop me a mail.

Kieran Masterton
Photo taken at New Adventures in Web Design 2012 by Elliot Jay Stocks



"Kieran's insight and knowledge of the sector proved invaluable to our trainees participating in the Audience on Demand Scheme"
— Tessa Inkelaar, Film London.
"Kieran delivers impressive, insightful analysis of technical solutions to complex business needs. His innovative ideas helped us see opportunities that might otherwise have been missed."
— Luke Wendling, Tugg Inc.