Kieran Masterton

Film Business Technologist

I'm a consultant technologist working in the film business and creative industries. In 2009, after over a decade in digital product development for large media companies like BSkyB and Future Publishing, I co-founded cinema on-demand distribution platform, OpenIndie. Since 2013, I have consulted on digital projects for businesses in the film distribution and marketing space. I am also currently engaged in research for my PhD which focuses on the impact of crowdsourcing on theatrical film distribution.

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Digital Advisor

To film and creative businesses

I provide a select range of services based on my experience of developing, launching and managing digital products for the media and entertainment industries. My clients are all focused on the online video and digital film distribution space, find out more below about how I've helped their businesses.


Tugg Inc. are a cinema on-demand platform that lets you bring the movies you want to your local theatre. I consulted for Tugg on the development of their promoter reward systems and provided insight into the most appropriate technical solutions to their business needs.


Vzaar are a full-service video hosting provider for business. I delievered a strategy session on the current state of the online video market for the senior leadership team at Vzaar. The goal of this session was to stimulate discussion around product development and growth.


Distrify Media are a software as a service film distribution platform. I oversaw their product redevelopment and managed a complete system re-design and re-build. This included their HTML5 video player, content management system and payment application.


Assemble are an advanced audience management and building software company designed specifically for the film business. At Assemble I work on education programmes to help filmmakers and rights holders be more successful at marketing and distribution.

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My clients include


What my clients say about me
Rachel James Johnes
Luke Wendling

CTO, Tugg Inc.

Kieran delivers impressive, insightful analysis of technical solutions to complex business needs. His innovative ideas helped us see opportunity that might otherwise have been missed.

Rachel James Johnes
Tessa Inkelaar

Development Producer, Film London

Kieran's insight and knowledge of the sector proved invaluable to our trainees participating in the Audience on Demand Scheme.

Rachel James Johnes
Gareth Cadwallader

CEO & Chairman, Vzaar

Kieran's clear and easily-digestible insights into the online video market helped to stimulate our conversation about the future of video on the web and enabled us move our strategy forward.

Recent Articles

Writing on the subject of film distribution & technology

I regularly write on the subjects of film business and technology and have had articles published by leading industry sites like Filmmaker Magazine and IndieWire. If you're an editor looking for someone to write about how technology is changing the film business, please do get in touch.

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