History & Expertise

I’ve been working in the web industry, as a developer, consultant, and technical product owner, for over 20 years.

I joined Shopify in early 2017 as one of the first remote Plus employees in Europe and quickly gained a reputation internally as a go-to resource for technical solutions.


Ruby and PHP projects for major broadcasters like the BBC and BSkyB, tech giants like Sony and Dell, as well as early stage and series C film startups.


Over 5 years experience working with the Shopify platform. 3 years working at Shopify in Plus Launch Engineering and Developer Experience.

Launch Engineering

As the first Shopify Plus Launch Engineer in Europe, I consulted on technical solutions for the migration of over 75 of Europe’s biggest brands to the Shopify Plus platform.

Developer Experience

I launched multiple API products including Multi-currency, Media, and Order Editing and played a key role on projects to improve developer experience, such as API Versioning.


App Developers

Problem solving and technical design consultancy for Shopify app developers.

App developers face a multitude of challenges building for a platform like Shopify. Whether you’re working on a new app, integrating an existing app into Shopify, struggling to solve an API-related problem, or looking for advice about designing apps for merchants operating at scale, I can help.

My app developer consulting service starts with minimum commitment of a one hour discovery call. If I think I can help you solve your problem or provide insight into your technical design, we then proceed with a full solutions report.


  • Technical design
  • API problem solving
  • GraphQL consultancy
  • Rate limit management
  • Expertise in all Shopify APIs



Technical solutions services for Shopify agencies with complex merchant requirements.

Many successful Shopify agencies are built on the platform and domain expertise of their founders. As the complexity of merchants’ businesses has increased so too have the demands on founders to solve detailed business problems with technical solutions.

My service provides Shopify agencies with a technical resource to solve these problems, allowing founders to focus on their business and providing merchants with clear, technically elegant solutions.


  • Pre and post sale solutions calls
  • Full and partial project scoping
  • Integrations advice (ERP, IMS, OMS, WMS etc.)
  • Custom app consultancy
  • Ad-hoc problem solving
  • Technical best practice
  • Research & proof of concepts

Kieran Masterton


Indicative service costs

Discovery Call

Unpacking a problem


per 1 hour call

  • Initial engagement with a problem
  • Gather context
  • Discuss potential solutions
  • Evaluate existing solution
  • Great for pre-sale agency calls or exploring
    problems with app devs

High Level Solution

Pointing you in the right direction


starting from

  • 1 hour discovery call
  • Video walkthrough of potential solutions
  • Includes routes to avoid + next steps
  • 1 hour follow-up call
  • Ideal guidance for Shopify savvy teams
    facing new challenges

Full Solution

Solving big hairy problems


starting from

  • Multiple discovery calls
  • Exploring the problem in detail
  • Research / proof of concept
  • Detailed technical design / report
  • Designed for agencies with complex merchant requirements or app problem solving

Kieran and Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood


Let’s work together

My availability is limited, so before we arrange a call, it’d be great if you can tell me as much as possible about the project you’re working on or problem you’re trying to solve. The more information you can provide the faster I can get up to speed.